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Natural Vision Improvement January 6, 2008

I have been wearing glasses since the 2nd grade (~7 years old) and I began wearing contacts part time at the age of 16. I am now 29 and learned about the Bates Method and the possibilities of natural vision improvement on December 25, 2007.

Within six months I have already seen significant improvement of my vision.   On the page titled “Vision Improvement Graphs” I have links to graphs showing my improvement as measured on a Snellen Chart.  I began this process wearing a -8 diopter lens (in my right eye) and am now at -6 diopters to see as sharply.  I get by perfectly fine wearing a -5 diopter lens for most activities.  The lens power I require to correct my refractive error doesn’t do justice to my improvements however.  I have moments of completely clear vision and without my glasses my visual acuity is much better than would be predicted by my lens prescription.  I am tracking my progress without glasses by reading my Snellen Chart everyday and periodically measure my required refractive correction with a focometer. 

To anyone new to the Bates Method and related vision improvement methods: I can attest that six months has flown by and you should not be discouraged at the thought of this method taking possibly years to work.  Time goes by so quickly and the rewards (not to mention health benefits) of improving your vision naturally are well worth the patience.


3 Responses to “Natural Vision Improvement”

  1. magicwand Says:

    Its wonderful to know that you find a disctinct improvement in 6 months. I stumbled upon the Bates method while trying to find the best way of treating my son. He has myopia in one eye (-0.3) , with perfect vision in the other. The doctor recommended contact lenses in the myopic eye, but I have resisted. For the past month, he is on holiday and I have put into practice a regimen of exercises that Bates recommended. I don’t know how successful we will be, but we keep trying. Your website offers a lot of insight into this natural vision training. Keep up the good work.

  2. sassisailor Says:

    I am extremely happy to hear that you are resisting the ODs recommendations for your son’s eyes. With the guidance of the Bates Method your son should be able to avoid ever having to wear glasses/contacts. Also, I’m not sure if you’ve come across this information, but many ODs are now prescribing plus lenses (+3 Diopter for someone without any refractive error) for near-work. I am still too far for this and have not experienced this, but my cousins’ eye doctor prescribed them for my cousins and they have all managed to avoid wearing glasses/contacts for distance vision despite the fact that both of their parents are extremely myopic.

    Good luck! I hope you continue to educate yourself and your son on these topics. They will truly change his life (and save you money!).

  3. Clarknight Says:

    Reading your sisters blog.
    She’s getting clearer and clear vision and fast!
    Hows your progress?
    Have you seen the new saccadic sunning diagrams on
    I learnt these from Tom Quackenbush training.
    Your blogs are helping my students stay positive, motivated.
    Me too, eating too much chocolate, sugar lately and do get below 20/20 and gain weight!
    Quit sugar and eyesight back to clear.

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