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Dec 9th Visual acuity tests December 9, 2008

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I have taken a bunch of measurements today for the sake of marking my progress.  I just felt like digging out the focometer today. 

Outdoors, 12:45pm, sunny

With focometer (requires testing one eye at a time):

  • Left eye: -5.5 diopter
  • Right eye: -5.75 diopter
  • For reference I started at left -7.25D and right -8D as measured by the eye doctor.  if you click on the category “focometer results” you will be able to compare my progress as measured by me with my focometer since last february

Snellen chart, both eyes, outdoors, sunny

  • I could immediately read 20/50 and within seconds I was able to see 20/40.   After only a minute or so I was able to see 20/20!  My vision has been clearing so much faster!  Now that my vision is improving so much I don’t think to read the chart as muhc because I’m always marvelling at everything around me because the colors and dimensions are so amazing.  I keep the chart out only mainly so I can post here so people can get an idea of my visual acuity (and to document my progress for those interested for scientific purposes, myself included) and because I know it’s a good habit to have for my whole life.  I’m seeing so well I don’t even worry about if I have my glasses with me anymore.  Sometimes I leave the house and completely forget them and I don’t panic when I realize! 

Snellen chart indoors, curtains open, natural light coming through the windows, no other lights on:

  • Immediately seeing 20/100, cleared within seconds to 20/40 and have maintained that since I did my reading (am typing and seeing the text from over a foot away). 

Again, there is a discrepency between how well I’m seeing as measured by my Snellen chart and from the focometer measurements.  But I think the focometer is a more accurate measure of my prescription requirements for driving at night.  This is about the prescription I wear when I drive at night, so it seems to be correlating well.  I had hoped my focometer measurements would show my refractive state had dropped  below -5d, but not yet!  Wishful thinking.  Also, I don’t wait for my vision to clear or anything when I do the focometer.  I just use it as indicated and adjust it until the chart clears up crystal clear and I’m seeing 20/20 with the focometer. 

The great thing is that I’m seeing well enough now, less than a year from when I started, to do pretty much everything without glasses.  I don’t drive that much, especially at night, so I’m almost to the point where I would say I’m free from glasses! 

I’m still playing racquetball weekly without glasses, I just don’t post about it anymore.  But today we played a doubles game (me without glasses) and again, just have so much fun!  My partner actually told me that she thinks I play better without glasses than I did when I wore them.  I don’t even consider wearing them for racquetball and do many other things without glasses too, including cooking, watching TV, some painting, all reading, most computer work, cleaning, laundry, snow shovelling, cleaning up the yard, gettign to school via the bus, walking across campus, running errands for work/school, all conversations with people, eating meals, etc.  As you can see, even though my refractive state as shown by the focometer has dropped only to ~-5.5 D (which is still significant to me, as it PROVES that my myopia can be reversed) I’m able to almost completely function without glasses because my eyes are learning to see without them.  It’s been a wonderful last week and everyday I’m more and more delighted at the new things I can see from distance.


VIP for Dec 3 December 4, 2008

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I was reading through Nancy’s blog the morning of the 3rd, and something *clicked* (her blog can be found from the Outlook Insight link on the blogroll under ‘Vision Blogs” and then ‘Nancy’, most recent posts are on pg 12).  She was describing her experience from her latest Alexander Technique lesson.  Later in the day I was doing some Snellen work indoors and my attnetion simply shifted to the top of my head (the “attic” as described by Missy Vineyard, see Nancy’s blog for more info), and then my vision cleared to 10/20, and almost 10/15.  I was able to keep doing this throuout the day as long as I would simply keep my attention at the top of my head.  As a reference, before my attention shifted, I was only able to read 10/100 very clearly, sometimes 10/70.  I’ve tried forcing this attention shift many times in the past with Eyebody and Open Focus, etc, but finally today I was able to feel a difference in having my true attention shift, without effort of course!  I wasn’t doing anything else, the only thing that changed when my vision cleared was the location of my awareness.  Mark825 has some recent posts about using Open Focus as well and has been able to clear quite significantly as well.  Fascinating stuff!

The other thing I wanted to report is that today I saw a true universal swing for the first time!  It was so dramatic!  I thought I had experienced it before, until I saw what I did today.  At the very least this was the strongest universal swing I’ve ever seen.  My husband and I were watching a show (and I never wear glasses if I watch TV), and then my attnetion shifted like I described above.  I wasn’t really paying attention to the shift in awareness but then I noticed that the TV image, the whole thing was moving side to side.  It was so dramatic I actually thought it was the TV.  So I turned to my husband and I asked him if he saw that, and he said no!  But then I was “looking” for it when I turned back to the TV, and it was gone…  but it was pretty cool, and I hope that I am able to see it again sometime.


VIP for Dec 2 December 3, 2008

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  • 100 long swings
  • Nose-paintbrush technique on Snellen
  • Frequent palming and resting of eyes
  • Snellen work outdoors: (approx 2pm, sun was low and there were many shadows from the trees on my chart):  started out immediately reading 20/40 which was pretty encouraging and cleared to 20/30.  I kept “trying” to see the 20 line or better and I think this was preventing me from improving any further.  When I would relax and look around at the trees my vision would improve, then I would look to the chart to classify what I was seeing, and then my vision would degrade 🙂 
  • Snellen work indoors (semi-dim light), mostly just letting my eyes experiment with seeing without trying (e.g., just experiencing whatever my eyes were seeing without trying to improve them or do anything special): fluctuated from 10/50 to 10/20.

We’re under a winter storm advisory for Wednesday so I can say for certain I won’t be doing outdoor Snellen work on the 3rd!


VIP for Nov 19th November 20, 2008

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  • Snellen chart work with palming.  For this session I sat on the couch 10 feet from my Snellen and just really relaxed while doing my practice.

When my vision started to clear, I was able to start feeling my pulse in places around my eyes that I had never felt a pulse before.  It was accompianied by a warming and tingling sensation like the blood was flowing back into places it had been deficient in!  I took this to be a good sign. 

Now I focus on the pulse and work on relaxing the muscles on my face so that I can feel my pulse around my eyes.  My vision always clears at least slightly when I do this. 

The other thing I experiemented with  on this day was just sitting back and observing what I was seeing.  I tried not to control any part of my vision.  I would pretend I was emitting light from my eyes and I didn’t worry about if I was shifting (I did pay attention to my breathing and blinking though).  After a few minutes I noticed that the objects in the room started to move back and forth a little bit (hopefully this is the universal swing Bates talks about) and then my eyes would more naturally want to dart around which felt very strange.  I’ve never liked looking at people with “darty” eyes, but this evening, my eyes were darting around and things were swaying and my vision cleared up really well!  I didn’t have very many lights on when I started and wasn’t even able to read the 200 line with how dim it was.  Once my vision cleared I was able to read the 40 line for at least 5-10 minutes (I didn’t time it of course). 

Throughout this Snellen chart session I would frequently close my eyes to rest them, and I would also palm off and on to rest my eyes.  When they start to clear they still get that dry sensation on the corneas


VIP for Nov 17 November 17, 2008

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  • 100 long swings
  • Nose-paintbrush/Eyebody Snellen work in the evening in artificial light.  Cleared from a very blurry 20/200 to 20/40!  I also used a small version of my big Snellen chart to look at up close while I was working. 

The Snellen chart work has been giving me the most consistent and lasting results.  I think now I need to incorporate more palming with my Snellen chart work and spend as much time palming as I do reading the chart.  There is nothing quite like working in front of the chart and experiencing my vision going from barely 20/200 in dim light to a very clear and black 20/40!  I have been doing my long swings right before I do my chart work in order to get “loosened up”.


VIP for Nov 12 November 13, 2008

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  • 100 long swings
  • Nose-paintbrush technique in front of Snellen chart:  again, I cleared from 20/200 to 20/50!  I must note that whenever I’m doing the nose-“tool” techniques by Quackenbush I’m also maintaining the visual cortex awareness as described by Grunwald.  Again, this was in the evening, dark outside, two lamps in the area where I read the chart (1 lamp has two 14 Watt fluorescent bulbs (equivalent to two 60 Watt bulbs) and the other is an upright halogen that is probably 15 feet away from the chart).
  • My vision today was really good all day.  I even went to a meeting about some financial stuff and didn’t even bring my glasses!  I feel comfortable talking to anyone WOG, and most of the time don’t even notice that I’m not wearing glasses.

VIP for Nov 3rd November 4, 2008

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This was the  most incredible vision day I’ve had so far.  At lunch I went outside to read my Snellen (there were scattered clouds, so the sun would come out and then go behind the clouds).  After putting my chart up I could immediately read 20/30! (sun was out)  I didn’t have to do any swinging or anything!  Then as I started swinging, breathing, working on my “open-focus and eyebody”, I was able to read the 20/20 line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lines were all so black, and I could even see where the individual letters were on the 15 line, but could only “pick” out a “K”!  This lasted for approximately a minute and then I think I was so excited that I must have started straining because I was just trying to see everything.  I have never seen this well without correction, that I can ever remember.  Hopefully one day I will remember seeing this well as a child but for now it’s my new vision.  I can still see in my mind how the chart looked and it was incredible — I’m still beaming 🙂  When I was seeing this well, I had very vivid, three dimensional vision.  I am trying not to “hope” for this vision again as I’m afraid it will cause me to try too hard to attain it again.  But if I can keep working on my Snellen chart outdoors I think I may attempt to take the DMV test this coming spring!  It’s ambitious for sure, and I may be getting ahead of myself, but if I keep committing to operating without glasses and working on my Snellen chart outdoors, I think this may be possible. 

As it would get darker my vision would fluctuate from 20/50 to 20/30, so I WISH it had been 20/20 the whole time, but alas it was not 🙂  But I am extremely encouraged that I am reading the chart consistently around 20/50. 

Also, I did these things:

  • ~100 long swings
  • 30 minutes zazen meditation
  • Eyebody, open-focus work
  • Palming, off and on throughout the day (I didn’t do a 30 minute session today)

Well, unfortunately the weather is supposed to turn to crap for the next 10 days, with intermittant sun so I’ll keep working outdoors when I can, but snow may impede doing this everyday.