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Contact Lens Prescription January 9, 2008

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This is the contact lens prescription my eye doctor prescribed on June 16, 2006. I no longer wear my contacts but this is a reference for those of you who may know your level of myopia by contact lens power.

O.D. (Right Eye) — -7.00 D

O.S. (Left Eye) — -6.50 D

I do not plan on ever paying for another contact lens exam as it costs more than the eyeglass exam. So all improvements to my vision will be described with respect to an eyeglass prescription or to Snellen chart readings.


Glasses Prescription

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On June 16, 2006 my eye doctor prescribed the following lens strengths:

O.D. (Right eye) — Spherical: -8.00 Cylindrical: -0.25 Axis: 15

O.S. (Left eye) — Spherical: -7.25 Cylindrical: -0.75 Axis: 175

I will update these values the next time I see an eye doctor. I am going to wait at least a few months however as the cost prohibits seeing him very often. I am looking into what equipment I would need to diagnose my own vision… more on this if I find anything good.