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VIP for Dec 3 December 4, 2008

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I was reading through Nancy’s blog the morning of the 3rd, and something *clicked* (her blog can be found from the Outlook Insight link on the blogroll under ‘Vision Blogs” and then ‘Nancy’, most recent posts are on pg 12).  She was describing her experience from her latest Alexander Technique lesson.  Later in the day I was doing some Snellen work indoors and my attnetion simply shifted to the top of my head (the “attic” as described by Missy Vineyard, see Nancy’s blog for more info), and then my vision cleared to 10/20, and almost 10/15.  I was able to keep doing this throuout the day as long as I would simply keep my attention at the top of my head.  As a reference, before my attention shifted, I was only able to read 10/100 very clearly, sometimes 10/70.  I’ve tried forcing this attention shift many times in the past with Eyebody and Open Focus, etc, but finally today I was able to feel a difference in having my true attention shift, without effort of course!  I wasn’t doing anything else, the only thing that changed when my vision cleared was the location of my awareness.  Mark825 has some recent posts about using Open Focus as well and has been able to clear quite significantly as well.  Fascinating stuff!

The other thing I wanted to report is that today I saw a true universal swing for the first time!  It was so dramatic!  I thought I had experienced it before, until I saw what I did today.  At the very least this was the strongest universal swing I’ve ever seen.  My husband and I were watching a show (and I never wear glasses if I watch TV), and then my attnetion shifted like I described above.  I wasn’t really paying attention to the shift in awareness but then I noticed that the TV image, the whole thing was moving side to side.  It was so dramatic I actually thought it was the TV.  So I turned to my husband and I asked him if he saw that, and he said no!  But then I was “looking” for it when I turned back to the TV, and it was gone…  but it was pretty cool, and I hope that I am able to see it again sometime.


9 Responses to “VIP for Dec 3”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Wow & thanks — I am honored to be mentioned in your blog! The change in your chart reading from 10/100 to 10/20 & almost 10/15 is very dramatic & I’m excited for you. I’ve been playing with this a lot myself (shifting my awareness to the top of my head), while doing the chart or just walking around going about my day. My vision hasn’t taken any great leaps forward (yet!), but I must say my neck feels a lot looser, balancing my head easily on top of my spine. This alone is worth it; my neck used to be very tense & I could easily make it give alarming crunching noises every time I turned my head.

    Now that I think of it (this is why it’s so good to write things down!), I just got back from a long drive to the chiropractor, in very overcast gray weather, sometimes drizzling, but I was still OK with my -2’s which I took off as much as I could. On the drive I played with my head/neck position, attempting to get my head balanced easily without forcing it, not sure I knew what “the right spot” was. A couple of times I got intense clear flashes doing this (!!) but I couldn’t make it last. Thanks — if I hadn’t been writing this now I’d have forgotten all about that experience.

    I look forward to your future adventures. Take care.

  2. helenacampbell Says:

    Nancy, I can’t find your blog in the blogroll. I wanted to read it because I don’t really understand what Sassy is talking about, and I don’t know what Open Focus is.
    Sassy, have you gotten ill at all over this past year? I’ve caught a horrible cold, I feel bad all over, and I note tenseness in my shoulders/neck/legs/lower back. I went to the chiropractor and he was eve having trouble releasing the tightness. How do you release the tension in your body when you are sick?

  3. mark825 Says:

    I like your reference to awareness as the primary cause of your recent vision clearings. I think the open focus that I have been practicing is partly (or mainly) aimed at regulating one’s awareness. (I expanded upon this idea a little bit in a response to your most recent comment on my blog)

    Also, I’m glad you were able to see (experience?) the universal swing! I have not experienced it myself (although maybe I have for just an instant), but I look forward to being able to someday. 🙂

  4. sassisailor Says:

    Wow Nancy!

    This is GREAT that you could drive in overcast weather wearing -2s!!! Congratulations! And the clear flashes resulting from changing head position is fascinating. I do this sometimes as well. It’s pretty ‘fun’ to experiment with posture, attention, and awarenes etc… before my body was always in one rigid position and now I’m learning that there are so many different ways that I can choose to view the world from. It’s really exciting.

    Well, I had to mention you and your blog 🙂 I learn so much from your approaches and experiences. You are one of the unique people who can think out of the box and I learn a lot from your comments here and your posts on your blog. So thanks for everything! I wish we could somehow create a superblog or something, but I guess that’s the point of Outlook Insight’s vision blogs, so everyone can keep records of their progress in one place. I guess it works pretty well as is, as we’re all seeing progress and learning a lot from each other.


  5. sassisailor Says:


    To get to Nancy’s blog:
    Go to the right on my blog and click on the “outlook insight” link under the “blogroll” list. Then click on “vision blogs” on the outlook insight page. Then (has always been at the top when I visit) is “Nancy’s blog” and you can click on pg 12 to see her most recent posts. Hopefully this helps.

    Mark has some great descriptions about Open Focus on his blog which you can also link to on my blogroll list. It’s listed as “mark’s vision improvement blog”.

    I actually have not gotten a cold or any longer term illness since I started my vision improvement. I do get really back headaches occassionally that last a day and a half and I have yet to find a way to release the tension that is causing my pain. So take my advice with a grain of salt!

    If you’ve got a bad cold I would definitely make sure you’re using a humidifier, drinking plenty of water, and only eating when you’re hungry. Take care of your cold symptoms first! Then if you are feeling up to it you may try finding a comfortable position (laying on a hard surface like the floor, laying in bed, sitting up straight in a chair, maybe even walking slowly around your house), and simply close your eyes, try clearing your head of any thoughts by focusing on your breath or heartbeat, and then with your attention at the top of your head see if you can notice the different places where the tension is. Think about your shoulders and see if simply thinking about them brings your awareness to the fact that there is a lot of tension there and then you may notice it “release”. This works for me when I’m healthy, but I’m not sure if it would work if I had a cold. I wish I could be of more help, but I have been fortunate enough to not have a cold in over a year.

    Does anyone else have any advice for Helena concerning releasing this kind of tension while being sick with a cold?


  6. Otis Says:

    Dear Sassy,

    Both of us have faith in science. Both of us believe in a Better future through the concept that OBJECTION (Bates/Prentice) to the minus lens is the second-opinion.

    Everytime I think of your objectively measured refractive STATE of -5.5 diopters and your Snellen of 20/70 to 20/40 — I am impressed.

    I may have some “doubts” about Dr. Bates (at times) BUT I NEVER DOUBT YOU!!!

    But, I like to keep an open mind about all these issues — and particularly the “doubting” Thomases.

    For your enjoyment, here is a -8 diopter myope, posting on I-See.

    The essence of “LEARING” is to get off your duff — and make an effort.

    Face “objection” research science and facts, listen to others, and the make your decision or choice.

    One you have done that — then follow thorough.

    As they say, there is no “Royal Road” to mathematics, and you can’t turn a man on his head and pour knowledge into him.

    You have to work for it — as you will be doing with your Ph.D. advisor.

    Here is the commentary by “Max” for your enjoyment:


    Max> Sassisailor, the NVI blogger, recently became a Christian and wrote
    that she gives credit to God for her vision improvement.

    Since we have a lack of prescription evidence, could the anecdotal
    stories of vision improvement also be miraculous? **

    Max> Miracles are often
    signposts to something deeper and maybe sassi has made this journey?

    Max> But as I’ve written before, the catholic church still requires
    evidence for miracles and therefore I do not consider it
    unreasonable to request prescriptions. ***

    Is it the request that is
    annoying, or the lack of evidence? Is it any more annoying
    than ‘second opinion best’? (sorry otis – you know I love you)
    Maybe my signoff should be ‘Keep the faith but post the
    prescriptions’? ****


    ** A false statement since you have your prescription of -8 and -7 diopters. Further, you have your OWN measurements of -6.5 diopters, and seven months later, of -5.5 diopters. But there is no “arguing” with this person.

    *** This is not the Catholic church. This is about FAITH in objective science and facts.

    **** No one hear has to “satisfy” anyone — certainly not Max. I personally don’t “argue” with a person. If I have to do that — the “cause” is lost. I attempt to REASON with a person, with the idea that he has faith in himself, in science and his ablity to apply science to himself.

    Second-opinion best,


  7. Otis Says:

    Dear Sassy,

    There are always “Doubting Thomases”. You can listed — but ignore. They have their “own” path to lead in THEIR life.

    Here is my statement of Engineering/Scientific faith.



    Subject: sassi’s miraculous improvement

    Otis> Dear Max,

    Otis> As you might know — I am an engineer, and
    refuse to make any “claims” at all.

    I will report what other ENGINEERS are working on,
    and if I trust their intellectual and physical
    competence, I will post their measurements.

    You might know that I got interested in Sassy’s work
    because she is an Electrical Engineer with
    a graduate degree. I have good resason to
    respect that competence.

    Also, when I talked to her I did not personally
    encourage her. But since she had obtained a $500
    Focometer, I asked for systematic measurement
    by her of her refractive STATE. I trust
    that instrument as I trust HER objective measurements.

    She is now reporting a Snellen of from 20/70 to 20/50.
    That passes some of the DMV tests. But she knows
    that she needs 20/40 or better before she can
    drive with no minus lens.

    What I look for is for her objectively measured refractive
    STATE to change (slowly) in a postive direction.

    That will not “convince” you, Max, I know. But
    it will convince Sassy and myself. But the only
    person who is important is Sassy — not me.

    In the final analysis, it is up to the Engineer
    to make these kinds of scientific and objective
    measurements and judgments.

    That is what science is all about.

    Second-opinion best,


  8. sassisailor Says:

    Dear Otis,

    I’m glad you posted these comments by “Max”. Surprisingly, this doesn’t bother me at all that he doesn’t consider my measurements “proof” of my improvement. I have shed any sort of care if people believe what I’m doing or not. The dedication I’ve had has been for my benefit, the blog is for others. But I know, and you know, that my measurements are sound. I performed another focometer measurement today, and am still showing about the same measurement I got a few months ago, though about .25 diopter higher. But I don’t see this is as a bad trend. Over the last year, by my own measurements, in the same conditions, I’ve shown an improvement of 1 diopter. I don’t need this proof for myself, as I can see the improvement everyday in my surroundings and as I document how well I can see on the Snellen chart. I provide these measurements for the general audience so that they can KNOW that yes, my vision is improving, and I’m certain if I were to go to the eye doctor as often as I’ve been using the focometer, I would be seeing similar trends. But I chose to purchase the focometer because based on the cost of exams I’ve already broken even (had I chosen to go the eye doctor and had my refractive state measured there as often as I’ve used the focometer). Not everyone may understand why the focometer is as objective as going to an eye doctor, but the ODs use this instrument in the field, so if it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for publishing my results when I’m all done.

    Thanks for your continued support and cheerleading — it’s been incredibly beneficial.


  9. Otis Says:

    Subject: Engineers and Measurements.
    As you know, I would like to have people “empowered” to use the Focometer (on the threshold) to use Bates/Prentice methods to:

    1. Clear their Snellens and
    2. Show “collectively” that the group using Bates/Prentice, and measuring their refractive STATE (under THEIR control) would become successful.

    But that requires GREAT determination and “independence of mind”. This is why this type of work would require a mature individual (collectively) who knows what he is doing and would be willing to be his own “scientist” — which is what you are doing.

    There are majority-opinion ODs who will “reject” your success saying that it is ” n = 1 “. But I say that we can “inspire” engineers on the threshold (i.e., -0.5 to -1.5 diopters) and 20/70 to 20/50 — to follow your leadership.

    But the key will be that they personallly make OBJECTIVE measurements themselves.

    That way no one can “cheat” them — and their own success will convince them that they are doing the “right thing” and going in the “right direction”.

    In fact I don’t care whether what they call these various methods, “Bates” or “Prentice”. We could call them procedure ” X “, and the statistics would be the same. The only requirement is that they do them consistently, and that there be a “control” and “test” group consisting of about 20 individual each.

    But that approach is not even considered (or allowed) by the N. E. I., and other organizations. They INSIST that it MUST be a blind study — which would make it impossible to empower the person to do what must be done.

    But you are showing what is possible.

    Best, Otis

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