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VIP for Oct 30th October 31, 2008

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  • approx. 150 long swings to music
  • palming off and on (a few minutes each time)
  • a nice long walk WOG
  • Practicing the “open focus” and “panoramic vision” — I’m starting to feel a different relationship with my surroundings and am noticing little things like a better spatial understanding of my body’s location (i.e., I’m more directly seeing myself in 3-D space, my hands feel further away when I wash them, etc).  It’s hard to describe, but it’s accompanied by more vivid colors and higher acuity so I think it’s a good sign!

Today I passed my preliminary exams for my PhD program!  It was a huge relief and I’m really glad to have that behind me.  I didn’t realize how much stress it was causing 🙂


VIP for Oct 29 October 30, 2008

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  • LOTS of palming, though it was more off and on as I didn’t have time (make time) to do any extended sessions. 
  • Went WOG except for approximately 2 hours, where I wore them to speed things up at work (have a big presentation today (oct. 30th)). 
  • Read the Bates’ articles my sister (sorrisi) recommended on her blog.  The one describing how many of each type of technique to do each day was really helpful.  I’m looking forward to giving this a try. 

I forgot to do a Snellen reading at lunch, so I really don’t have too much to report!

It’s interesting, in Bates’ Better Eyesight Magazines he talks about how to not think about using the eyes when looking/seeing and I think this is probably why the Eyebody Method and Open Focus of Liberman work so well!  There is a lot of overlap in these other methods it just seems that everyone describes things differently and has a different interpretation of what they are doing that actually helps.


Back in town! October 29, 2008

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I’m back from my long weekend, but trying to play catch-up as I have a major presentation tomorrow. 

I’ve been palming, doing long-swings, etc., but have been wearing my glasses much more than I should have over the weekend.  We went pheasant hunting in Nebraska (had a great ime!), but I wore my glasses when hunting (for safety) obviously, and as a result now must start over with going without glasses.  I seem to be doing OK as I’m now typing this WOG and seeing well-enough I suppose.  I have to sit a little closer to the screen than normal to make out typos though  Tonight I plan to do some extended palming as it seems to be a good way to get back to my previous improvement as evidence by irelandseyes and sorrisi. 

I don’t really have anything new to report; being out of town for so long and then wearing glasses set me back a little bit, but I think I’ll be back back to normal by tomorrow.  I’ll post a Snellen reading later today.


VIP for Oct 23 October 24, 2008

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I’ll be leaving town Friday and won’t return until Monday.  As a result I won’t be posting anything for four days!  I’m going to keep my glasses off though and I’ll post about the weekend when I return.


  • Long swings to music
  • 15 minutes Snellen chart work (Eyebody Method, shifting, palming etc).
  • Palming
  • 20 minutes zazen meditation
  • Full 7 days without glasses!

Snellen chart (indoors, full sun coming through the windows) : 20/70, cleared to 20/40 consistently! Could even see the spots where the letters were on the lowest line (couldn’t read the letters though)


An excerpt about the Alexander Technique October 23, 2008

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I read this and thought it had relevance to vision.  It is from “How you stand, how you move, how you live” by Missy Vineyard on page 109.  It is a book about learning the Alexander Technique. 

“It appeared I had a choice: I could decide to take over the controls if I wished and return to my old habits of moving and the bodily sensations that accompanied it.  Or I could allow myself to be moved by this other force, remain within the invisible boundary of a previously unknown but marvelous new coordination of myself, and let the layers of feelings fall away.”

“I began to appreciate how deeply attached I was to the feeling of my muscles working.  My muscle tension reassured me that I existed, created my belief in my need to try harder, told me that I was in fact doing and trying as I believed I should.  I could see my error now, the hairline fracture in the struts of my logic.  It was all so unnecessary.”

What she’s describing is how, after a session with her Alexander Technique (AT) teacher, one night she felt a complete release of tension throughout her body and in fact spent a week not feeling her body.  Our bodies send signals back to us indicating that the muscles are in tension, and when this happens it creates a feedback upon which we rely in order to feel our physical existence.  This tension is completely unnecessary however and our bodies can function without it  (i.e., we can stand up without using hardly any muscles, we become balanced).  I read this part of her book, quoted above, after reading Ian’s account of his experience with the AT and the Eyebody Method (EM) and realized this is so true about our vision as well.  By trying to control what we see, we are in fact creating tension.  Through awareness however, and what she calls conscious inhibition, we can learn to let go of this control, and let our eyes see on their own.  I’ve read many accounts and have believed myself that “letting go” is essential to natural vision, but now I feel as if I understand the physiology behind this; it’s no longer just a vague expression describing the path to vision improvement.  One thing I found out about 3 months ago, is that when I stand my thigh muscles are constantly contracted.  Then one day they released and it was such a sense of relief and lightness.  Ever since then I’ve been noticing that I still do this but I know how to release the tension and I can feel the difference even before I think about releasing tension.   Eventually I hope to become acutely aware of the tension in my eye muscles so I can learn to instantaneously release it as well.


VIP for Oct 22

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  • Long swings to music
  • 30 minutes seated meditation (zazen)
  • Palming, bringing my attention to each part of my visual system and keeping my awareness at my visual cortex (top/back part of the skull)
  • Another day WOG!  I think this is day 6?  I’m finding myself having fewer urges to put my glasses on.
  • Spending much more time throughout the day trying to remain conscious of my postural position and bringing my attention to my visual cortex.  I’ve been working on awareness for a long time now and it’s a very difficult thing.  I typically have a lot of internal dialogue going on about tings I must do, upcoming events, etc   I’m beginning to have more “quiet” time, but it’s amazing how quickly my thoughts take over my mind.   So working on bringing my attention to my visual cortex is going along with my general increased awareness “practice”.  I still spend many moments simply focusing on my breath and nothing else.

Snellen chart: 20/70, cleared to 20/50 (indoors, so-so light).  The weather was snowy so the light levels weren’t amazing.


VIP for Oct 21 October 22, 2008

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On Tuesday I did the following:

  • Long swings to music at lunch (didn’t have time in the morning — agh, I hope I”m not losing my grip already at a new commitment)
  • Palming (extended sessions throughout the day)
  • Getting back to reading the Alexander Technique  book I started reading last spring.  I read some interesting passages that I was going to quote in my blog.  I will try to remember to do this tonight.  I made some connections to vision that I probably wouldn’t have noticed six months ago.
  • 5th day without glasses!  It’s going much better than I thought it would.  I half expected I wouldn’t be able to see as well as I had been seeing before, but I’m doing fine!  I’ve been able to do any computer work necessary WOG and I can do pretty much everything else just as well as long as I slow down and keep my attention centered.

Snellen: 20/70 (indoors, cloudy outside so light inside was only so-so)