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Aug 26, 2008 Focometer measurement August 26, 2008

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Today I measured what I call my “refractive error” with the Focometer.  I measured my vision from 20 feet outdoors (cloudy, but at 5pm so still good light conditions).

My refractive error is -5.25 D in both eyes!  This is improved even from one month ago!  For anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with my blog, I started out with the following glass lens prescription:  OD: -8D, OS: -7.25D.   The focometer is an instrument that can be used to measure the refractive correction required to see 20/20.


August 25, 2008 August 25, 2008

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I put my Snellen chart outside today at 5pm and was able to read 20/50 consistenly and up to 20/30 at times!!!  I haven’t had my Snellen chart up for a few weeks.  I was giving myself a short break from the norm and today I resumed by taping it up outside as it was pretty dim in my house.  It was incredibly encouraging to see that I was able to read so well.  One thing that has continued to shock me is how my vision still lacks a “crispness” if I’m unable to read 20/20.  I realize the 20/20 “norm” was chosen arbitrarily, but I think in many respects it does represent normal healthy vision.  I won’t feel as if I’m completely back to normal until I can read this well or better so it continues to be my goal.  Don’t get me wrong, being able to read 20/50 is a huge gain, considering I started at 3/200 (which you could roughly equate to 20/1300). 

I continue to palm and do long swings about every other day.  There is no excuse for not doing them everyday other than my lame excuse that the days just seem to get away from me and before I know it I’m exhausted and simply want to retire for the day.  I’m always practicing my shifting, breathing, and blinking when I remember though (and hopeully even when I’m not conscious of it) and I attribute this to much of my success. 

Tomorrow I plan to do focometer measurements outdoors to see how my objective measurement is coming along.  I hadn’t planned to test very often, but I’m curious to see what the difference is.  It was quite a cloudy summer and now that it’s starting to brighten up it’s a wonderful opportunity to do some measurements before the shorter winter days are upon me. 

One new thing I wanted to report about is regarding being able to clear my vision on demand, which I can now do in the near distance!  In the beginning I posted how I was able to do this at long distances by pretending I had superman laser vision (quite juvenile I admit, but it worked!), well now I’m able to do this at the near distance when reading a text book or working on the computer screen.  The ‘pain’ I experience during these on-demand clearings in the near is identical to that experience when I first experienced it at far distances and the results are the same; cleared vision, lasting for as long as I can keep maintain my good vision habits.  I should not use the word ‘pain’ as it has such negative connotations.  It’s more like an incredible urge to close my eyes or blink frequently.  Unfortunately, holding my eyes closed makes the pain go away and as a result my vision stays blurry, but when I blink frequently, the sensation is most closely described as the sensation I feel at the doctor’s office when they use the eye drops for dilating the pupils.  As long as I can keep my awareness on my corneas and experience this sensation my vision keeps getting clearer and maintains increased acuity.  I have done a lot of thinking about this sensation and discussed it with a few people, and I do think it is linked to the eye going back to its normal shape and the sensation results from the extra fluid being forced from the vitreous humour into the aqueous humor and then out through my tear ducts.  Often my nose will start running from the extra fluid!  I don’t have a scientific explanation for any of this, only my experience; but I want to keep mentioning it, as it has been  a recurring experience linked to improved vision; any clues as to the theory behind vision improvement is worth documenting in my opinion. 

I’m continuing to relax and focus on my breathing, but palming and long swings continue to be great techniques for visual relaxation.  I particularly like to do my long swings with my eyes closed for about half the time.  This is especially relaxing for me if the light levels vary across the swing because the changes in light across my closed lids is very relaxing.  I also have been doing closed-eye sunning for at least half a minute every day, usually more depending on how much time I have in the morning.  I can tell that my eyes are becoming much less sensitive to the light and I haven’t worn sunglasses since I started the Bates method. 

That’s really all I have that’s new to report!  I continue to do the same things I always have more or less and my vision continually improves.  I’m working up again towards a final discard of my glasses.  I’m not quite ready yet but myself and the author of agrees that this is probably holding me back quite significantly.  It’s quite an emotional hurdle and one I won’t take lightly this go around.  I tried this a month back and wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming emotions that followed a few weeks later.  This time I will be prepared and hopefully I can walk away from glasses forever.


August 19, 2008 August 19, 2008

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I haven’t posted in a while as I was out of town for a family reunion.  Unfortunately I wore my glasses much more than I should have, especially over the weekend.  Visiting or playing games in dim light definitely still strains my eyes and I have not been good about utilizing my vision techniques and breath awareness when in these situations.  I am back home now though and am typing this, sitting at least one foot away from my computer monitor without glasses though and am able to read the text!  

I have taken a break from my Snellen chart but will be putting it back up tonight.  I have received advice suggesting that taking a break from my chart is not necessary and I definitely miss reading it every day.  I have not been doing my swinging and palming either, which I miss, and I plan to do both as soon as I shut off the computer.   Since I posted last however, I have been maintaining awareness when i remember and focusing on improving my breathing, which has been very poor for a long time. 

I’m continuing to have extended clear flashes and at times, they are so strong and last long enough that I wonder “is this it?!”, “have my eyes finally healed?!”.  Unfortunately, I think these thoughts bring about the reduced vision again, but I see it as a good sign, that I’m getting closer and closer. 

My goal for this week is to thoroughly comb through the website.  I have been corresponding with the author of this site and am very encouraged.  She (?) has a lot of good information available for free and some of which I’ve never seen before.  I will post to summarize if I find new things that do well for me.


August 9, 2008 August 9, 2008

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This last week I have been reading A LOT and as a result have been too tired in the evenings to post.  I read the following two books this week:

  • “Take off your glasses and see” by Dr. Jacob Liberman
  • “”The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle

Jacob Liberman’s book is incredible, I wish I had read it sooner.  I read it very quickly (within three days) it was so good.  His experience with improving his own vision (he is an optometrist) has further solidified my opinions on natural vision improvement, and how myopia usually begins in the first place.

I recommend you read this book for a more thorough understanding, but I will explain what I took from it concisely to offer insight.  In his experience, myopia usually sets in during childhood during a period of stress or emotional trauma; something(s) that causes the child to want to contract and protect themselves.  I used to be very skeptical of this theory, but after reading his book I whole-heartedly agree.  Once a child starts to wear glasses, progressive myopia is inevitable –> so we end up being adults, for me 30 years old, and at high risk for retinal detachment, as a result of this progressed myopia.  Luckily, in Liberman’s experience which he describes, the experiences of his patients, and in my own experience, myopia can be reversed.  If you’re following my blog, you’re already aware of the Bates Method (mental strain causes eye strain, the benefits of palming, swinging, etc).  Liberman covers this basic information, but goes on further to extrapolate that at the core of vision improvement is awareness.  I have been coming to this conclusion s-l-o-w-l-y on my own (it’s been seven months since i started), but now everything I’ve read and experienced is pointing to this one key element.  Liberman highlights the importance of being in the present moment, breathing well, and learning to cultivate what he calls “Open Focus” and “Open Living”.  I’ll leave it to the reader to learn more about these things, but basically, awareness is the key to clear vision.   This one simple concept!

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that apart from my “vision quest” I have been reading books that finally led to Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”.  I’ve read both of these and can say that even though they don’t mention improved vision as a side effect of awareness, the lessons in these books have been helping my vision.  The lessons in these books are spiritual in nature, and for me have opened up the mysteries of Zen Buddhism and described spiritual teachings in a clear manner.  Reading these two books, I can say for sure, have been the most important books I’ve read this year, in addition to the books on NVI.  Unfortunately, if one were to read Tolle’s books, but never know to go without glasses, their vision would never benefit.  But if you read NVI books by Quackenbush, Huxley, Liberman, Bates, and Corbett, and then read Tolle’s books, there are profound lessons that will inevitably improve the vision if you incorporate the NVI lessons (going without glasses as much as possible, swinging, palming, central fixation, releasing mental strain, acupressure etc.) with Tolle’s insightful spiritual teachings on awareness. 

I will try to summarize quickly, so this post does not become excessively long.  In short: NVI is not a mysterious pursuit and I whole-heartedly believe it can benefit everyone who has vision prolems not related to disease.  It continues to benefit me everyday.   Clear vision is only one step away if we were so able to change our perspective that quickly, some have.  By cultivating awareness we learn to shed the emotional baggage, heaviness, and self-induced mental stress that is the root cause of unclear vision.  When put in one sentence this makes it sound very easy; alas, it is not for everyone.  I myself have not experienced an instantaneous shift in consciousness, but everyday I am more and more aware of my consciousness, and these steps will eventually lead to a clear mind and clear vision.  I continue to palm and swing, as I find these techniques very relaxing, and I will continue to read my Snellen chart.  Though I have decided to take it off of my wall and only put it up when I intend to test my acuity, as Liberman recommends.  I have found that having my Snellen chart up 24/7 has been leading me to not read it with the same intention I did in the beginning. 

It has been rainy and overcast lately, so I have not been able to read the Snellen in good lighting; however I can maintain a 20/100 acuity in these conditions which continues to be encouraging!  Especially considering I started out at 3/200 in good light 🙂