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June 29, 2008 June 29, 2008

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This will be a quick update even though I have made what I think is significant progress. 

I wore my glasses for about an hour on Friday (to give my husband a break from driving), but have not worn them other than that since Tuesday.  This time without my glasses has been great and I am surprised at how well I’m getting around.  Most of the day I don’t even notice.  I have been able to work on the computer, do home repairs, cook, read, watch T.V., and even purchase things in stores without wearing my glasses.   When I did put my -4.25 diopter glasses on Friday I was able to see very sharply! 

I referred to great progress, and this refers to what happened on Friday.  My husband was driving and i was just sitting in the car looking around outside without my glasses on.  Then for some reason I decided to pretend like I had Superman’s laser vision (I know this sounds incredibly silly… I’m taking a leap here in sharing this on the internet) and I envisionsed that I had red laser beams coming out both of my eyes and that they terminated in the exact same place miles away.  When I did this my eyes began to hurt hadly… not hurt in the traditional sense, but a burning dry sensation that gave me the desire to close my eyes.  I decided that this time I would not close my eyes however but simply blink through the pain until it went away (I have had this sensation before with clear flashes).  As I did this my vision kept clearing until finally it was perfectly clear!  As long as I maintained my mental focus on whatever I was looking at I could see so many clear distant objects as I moved my eyes around!  I was able to reproduce this for the rest of the day when looking far away and have been able to do it this weekend as well. 

I can now feel when my eyes and mental focus come together and I believe I have finally experienced central fixation!!!  The thing I need to work on now is doing this for nearer distances, for some reason I haven’t been able to do this repeatedly for near objects.  Sometimes I can get it to work for a little while. 

After thinking about this for a few days I think I have an idea of what is going on.  I believe that I have not been focusing both of my eyes at the same central point  while maintinaing a relaxed mind with deep breathing.  When I first discovered this technique I became very tense and had to start breathing deeply or I would lose the mental and visual focus.   The sensation is almost like my eyes are physically turning in toward each other slightly.

This is all very new to me, but I will keep posting as I learn more about what is happening with my vision.  I do not think it is a coincidence that this occurred after a few days without wearing glasses.  I think I finally gave my eyes a real chance at relaxing and the time in the car allowed me to experiment with my sight at very far distances.  Our brains are incredibly intelligent and I believe with time, especially without wearing glasses, the feedback from our visual system works with our brains to relearn how to see.  It’s a natural thing for us all to be able to do, we have just been on “crutches” (i.e. wearing glasses) for so long that we have not had to use our eyes in the natural way. 


Activities for June 24-26, 2008 June 27, 2008

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  • Tuesday:  Two games of racquetball without glasses!  I’m now confident enough to play all of my racquetball games WOG!
  • Playing board games WOG as well.  In the evenings we have been playing monopoly with our nephews and I haven’t put my glasses on for any of these games!  I can’t see most of the property clearly, but it clears up sometimes and when it does it’s amazing how beautiful all of the colors are and how clear all of the black text is! 
  • Yesterday evening (Thursday) we went out and did some practice shooting with the shotgun and pistol.  I did both of these without glasses as well!  I would say my shooting average went down by 50% but I was still able to hit some moving targets and my vision was clearing off and on all evening while being outside. 
  • In dim light I have been able to read 20/100 or 20/70.  I haven’t been at home during the best light conditions to test my VA.
  • I put a Snellen chart outside in full sun to test my vision, but the light was so bright on the paper I couldn’t see anything!  I had to squint because the light reflecting on the white paper was too strong for my eyes.  I will try this again soon and in the meantime work on my closed-lid sunning.

Shifting, breathing and blinking all day long as well as I can!  These are still not habits, but I’m becoming more and more aware of their absence each day.  Especially now that I have been going wihtout glasses completely for two days.


Random notes and observations…

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  • My vision clears up whenever I watch cartoon-like shows on TV (anything with solid blocks of color and dark outlines).  This happens consistently and the vision clearing is dramatic.   This has been happening for months now.
  • The swinging black period continues to be the most effective improvement tool to date.  I can now change the color of the period or the background of the period at will in my mind.  One limitation at this point is how long I can maintain the mental focus required to maintain my concentration on the period.  It is actually quite frustrating how quickly I lose my concentration. 
  • I have now gone two full days without wearing my glasses AT ALL.  I wasn’t going to post about this as I’m not sure how long I can keep it up, but I’m going to try for as long as I can.  Unfortunately I have a huge deadline coming up so we’ll see how long I can stand working on the computer with semi-vision.   I am convinced this is the most effective manner for improving my vision and  I think I have finally lost the emotional attachment to my glasses.  Otis posted a story in one of his comments that led me to this decision and now throughout the day I repeat to myself “I don’t need my glasses to see”.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

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I read the first 55 pages of the free manual available on their website and tried the technique about a dozen times (multiple times on one thing; headache, shoulder pain, my vision and jaw tension).  It didn’t help at all for any of these things and I felt like a complete idiot while doing these techniques…  I’m sure they work well for some people, but not for me.

Despite the cause of the ineffectiveness of EFT for me (I hate to say the method is a scam because of my limited experience), I’m not going to pursue this anymore because I think I will have better success if I simply focus on the Bates method and do not get distracted by the many “wonder cures” available.  Bates had the most scientific research behind his method and huge success with implementing and proving the results.  I will continue mainly with Bates’ techniques in order to maintain “central fixation” 🙂


June 20-23, 2008 June 24, 2008

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These past days I have been doing my long swings and simply resting my eyes by going WOG as often as possible.  I have not been home during the best daylight hours so I do not have any new VA readings to report.  I will be doing one today however (June 24). 

My sister, (sorrisi, there is a link to her vision blog in the sidebar), provided some reading tips she read about in Aldous Huxley’s book.  I have been trying these for the past couple of days and I can tell that it improves my vision.  The majority of the time (99%) I read WOG, and when I tried remembering the last word of a sentence (with the punctuation) and then looking at it again before moving on my vision will improve sometimes!  It’s a great tip. 


June 19, 2008 June 20, 2008

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  • Shifting and swinging — 20 minutes
  • Snellen chart reading — immediately read 20/100, then cleared to 20/50
  • Practicing swinging the text on my computer monitor and reading by following the white space underneath the letters; it is slowly getting clearer and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few months I will be able to type regularly without my glaslses!  This will be an exciting and progressive step. Once I can do this I will require my glasses even less than I do now.  I am able to do quite a bit of lab work (for my job) WOG so this is exciting as well.  I’m typing now WOG and can make out most of the letters, but it is still blurry.  I then put my glasses on at the end to check my spelling, etc. 
  • Read the first 55 pages of the free EFT pdf from; this is a method for releasing any blockages in your body’s energy flow.  I haven’t tried the tapping technique yet.  If I have time today I’m going to do it.  Some people have had luck with this improving their vision and my NVI teacher recommends it.  After reading the case histories I’m convinced it’s a valid technique for helping with fears and phobias, chronic pain, and many other ailments that have resulted from negative emotions.  I’m very excited to try this — I don’t specifically remember any emotional trauma that may have caused my myopia, but I figure there is no harm in trying this method! 
  • Updated my vision progress graph

I wanted to report that I’m now trying to exclusively wear my -4.25 D lenses (except for driving).  I think stepping down in lens prescription has been helping me tremendously.  It is quite amazing how well the eyes adapt to weaker lenses if you practice the healthy vision habits.  My vision is not crsip with the 4.25 D lenses, but it is sufficient for reading at arms length and when I need an extra boost in clairy to get things done more quickly (and for grocery shopping etc). 


June 18, 2008 June 19, 2008

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  • 25 minute walk WOG
  • palming/sunning
  • swinging (not a full 100)