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Weekend notes (March 29,30) March 31, 2008

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This weekend I was able to spend a significant amount of time without glasses and am still able to read 20/70 (however, I need to note that these letters are not perfectly black;  I can discern what they are but they are not perfect).  I am working on writing up a post to discuss this issue and my theory on why my Snellen chart readings do not correlate to the lens power I require.

My whole philosophy is changing on the Bates Method.  While I still love and value all of the Bates magazines and believe that the key to vision improvement resides in this initial research I have been questioning the way I have approached the Bates Method.   When I first began learning about this method I became very obsessed with only the work done by Bates; thinking that this was the only source I should consider and I should exactly follow the methods outlined in his magazines.  Ever since I met with Greg Marsh I have realized that this was a naive and close-minded approach to this opportunity of vision improvement.  Just like anything in life, there are always other perspectives and methods, including those that we “invent” ourselves that can work just as well.  I don’t believe there is one and only one way to improve vision.  Becoming addicted (I used this word intentionally) to a negative lens (which is what has happened to me) is a long and complicated process that nobody fully understands.  And I believe this to definitely be true, nobody fully understands what happens physiologically when we wear a negative lens.  Glasses work in a very unnatural way by focusing all of the incoming light directly onto our fovea.  Our fovea only contains 5% of the photoreceptors on our retina, thus leaving the other 95% completely unstimulated.  What does this do to the neural pathways leading to and within our visual cortex?  How can we “rewire” our visual cortex if we’re constantly switching back and forth between wearing glasses and not wearing glasses?  (I believe it can be done, I just think this is why it takes so much longer).   Anyway, I’m getting off track- I’m going to save this discussion for another post.  My point is, I believe that becoming attached to only the Bates method can exclude many other methods that may work for improving vision and can blind us to the overall reason we can improve our vision.  It’s not specifically the long swing and palming that fixes our vision (and Bates knew this) but I think that some of us focus on these very specific relaxation exercises (or others) and think if we do these perfectly and regimented everyday we will regain clear vision.  I love the long swing and palming and find them both very useful tools in improving my vision, but I also believe there could be other ways of doing things and we should be asking ourselves, why do these work? … focusing on really paying attention and bringing awareness to every part of our body during these exercises to notice how they affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Bates’s work is being continued it’s just not blatantly apparent.  For instance, Peter Grunwald (the author of Eyebody and the man who discovered the Eyebody Patterns) is in essence, continuing the work started by Bates.  It may look like it’s not because it’s taking a new shape (by focusing on the upper visual cortex and experiential anatomy) but this is what happens over time; ideas evolve and new correlations are made.  How many others are also doing the same but disguised under differently named methods or philosophies?  But for those of us who get stuck in strictly Bates method’s I think we believe that only Bates did this work and there hasn’t been anything new, and this is not true.  We must all keep our minds open and be looking for other techniques that hold value.   I am still in, what I consider, my intellectual infancy with respect to vision improvement knowledge; but I hope that over the course of my lifetime I can make a contribution to this effort and I hope that all of you out there who are reading my posts can have success with your own vision improvement.  And I would encourage each of you to document your experiences and publish them in order to increase the amount of available information and personal experience documenting the success of any and all of these vision improvement methods.  Each of us can have a significant impact and part in changing eye care methods worldwide which will dramatically change the way future generations see and experience life.


Helping my mom move… March 27, 2008

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I’ve been busy yesterday and today helping my mom pack and load their house into a moving truck.  They’re moving from here in Wyoming to New York…  Needless to say I’ve been terribly busy and exhausted so I haven’t made any eye progress.  In fact my vision seems to be worse these past couple of days.  I’ll test tomorrow to see where I’m at and then get back on track!


Depth Perception March 26, 2008

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I forgot to mention in my long weekend post that I experienced something amazing on Saturday as we were driving through a canyon.  I wasn’t wearing my glasses because my husband was driving.  As we drove through the windy roads between the tall peaks I was experiencing depth perception in a very new way.  Preceding my experience I was focusing on my upper visual cortex and paying close attention to my position with respect to the landscape.  As I was looking around I started to experience very three-dimensional vision!  It felt like true depth and height perception like I’ve never experienced before.  The peaks seemed to tower above me and this is the first time in my life I ever remember ‘seeing’ this way.  I was actually in the environment and not just observing my surroundings.   I had never realized that I normally don’t see in three-dimensions, I just know everything is three-dimensional.  When I experienced this I felt very connected to the environment even though I was in the truck.  Surprisingly my vision was not clear during this experience, but that didn’t hinder it from occurring which I found interesting.  I hope to get to a point where I begin to experience vision in this manner 100% of the time; though I’m skeptical that it could occur while I’m wearing glasses.


Tuesday, March 25 2008

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Today I completed the following:

  • 2 sessions of Autogenics (breathing phase)
  • Racquetball without my glasses! This was interesting and I think it’s going to help my vision tremendously. I played the first game without my glasses and did quite poorly but I found that I much preferred the sensation to playing with my glasses. My eyes are much more relaxed and I don’t get as tired.
  • I was pretty tired by the end of today and am looking forward to getting back into my vision improvement. I find it hard to be very productive with my vision improvement during and after I’ve been traveling.

Just as a note, the glasses I have been wearing when I do wear them are OD – 6 D and OS -5.75 D. I get around with these great and can see well enough (20/30) to drive if necessary. I previously had a reduced pair I was wearing most of the time that were OD -5 D and OS -4.25 D but they were too weak for how far away I placed my computer monitor and it was frustrating to switch between those and a stronger pair for other work.


The long weekend (Sat-Mon)

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I was out of town this weekend visiting my in-laws for the holiday weekend. We had a really good time; played some poker, did some yard work, played outside with the dogs, and got some manure bagged up for our garden. Saturday was stressful as we were driving on bad roads and I wore my glasses most of the day as we were visiting with a lot of people and playing cards.


  • Working outside for the majority of the day without glasses
  • Finished reading Eyebody by Peter Grunwald
  • Long swings and sunning outside


  • Today and Saturday I spent hours as a passenger in the car without wearing my glasses. I really like this because the movement in the car stimulates my eyes and I enjoy looking around and having so many new things to view.
  • Started the breathing phase of autogenics. I believe this phase lasts for two weeks.

I’m excited for this coming weekend so I can spend some time working on what I’ve learned from the Eyebody method. I can tell that the application of some Alexander Techniques have already helped tremendously with my breathing and bringing attention to my upper visual cortex is helping my posture. When I find some time I will write a review of the Eyebody book I just finished reading.


Eyebody Method March 21, 2008

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This method was developed by Peter Grunwald.  There is a lot of information on his website at:

I am in the process of reading “Eyebody” by Peter Grunwald and have no training in this method, so I am by no means an expert.  My NVT Greg has trained with Peter in this method however and that is who exposed me to this method.

Basically, Peter integrated the Alexander Technique with the Bates Method as well as his findings concerning the connections between the anatomy of the eye and the correlation to the rest of our body and mind.  He noticed that by focusing on his cornea, he could affect his chest.  If he tried to tighten his cornea his chest would tighten, if he relaxed his cornea his chest would open up. 

 What I learned yesterday about the Eyebody Method is called “experiential anatomy” where you concentrate on one part of your anatomy, say the cornea, and move on through your eye, until you reach the upper visual cortex.  Doing a set of these visualization techniques is not complicated and only requires a basic understanding of the eye’s anatomy.  This method has helped me clear my vision every time I’ve incorporated it into my practice.  I believe it is a very powerful method and as it states in the foreward of his book, ‘transcends both the Alexander Technique and the Bates Method’.  It is a powerful synthesis and is a continuation of what Aldous Huxley wrote about in “The Art of Seeing” (I have not read this book, but read that this is what his book was focused on).  Once I finish his book I plan to write a review and offer more insight into how this technique can benefit people on their vision improvement journeys!


Temporary 20/30!!!

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Today, Friday March 21, I was able to read the 30 line on the Snellen card from 20 feet!   I was so excited that I started to cry and hyperventilate!  It’s hard to express in words the excitement and joy I felt from this experience but his has given me so much motivation and hope. 

  • I could reliably maintain a reading of 20/70, albeit I can’t read the ‘F’ very sharply.   If I can maintain this visual acuity for one week I will post this as permanent progress!  My vision at 10 feet has maintained at 10/40 for this past week.

This was all possible while incorporating what I learned about the Eyebody Method from Greg, my NVT (natural vision teacher).   See my post on the Eyebody Method for more information.  I would rest my eyes through palming if they felt tired and then use the ‘experiential anatomy’ with my eyes closed before reading the Snellen card.