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February 7, 2008 February 8, 2008

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Today I had some very good success with clearing my small Snellen test card to the second to last line!

The small Snellen card I refer to is one with black background with white letters, with the Big E on top.  The lines are of size 50, 30, 20, 15, 10, 5, 4, 3, and 2.

What preceded my clearing today was noticing that the lines that I was typing on the computer were moving up and down! I was able to see this movement with my -5Reduced pair of glasses on and my vision cleared a little with my glasses on (it became very sharp), so I took them off and noticed that my vision was better than normal without them on. I looked at my computer screen without glasses on and saw the lines moving slightly! When this happened I started to look over the typing as if I were reading it, the up and down motion was still happening and I had a clear flash! I was able to read the small typing on my computer without my glasses! This continued long enough for me to read two and a half full lines of text across the screen. My swing windows program was NOT running, this motion I saw could only be explained as me finally being able to see the universal swing! When I could see the swinging motion is when my vision would clear up.  My computer monitor is at least two feet away from me, as I have tried to push it as far away as possible.

I then decided to look at my index card with a period on it and close my eyes to visualize it in order to rest my eyes because they were feeling a little dry and tired. Then I moved to my small Snellen test card that is posted on the side of my monitor. As I was sitting I imagined that the lines on my computer were still swinging and then I started to feel a “pulsing” in my body, like I was sitting in a chair that was swinging towards the front of my body and then the back in firm but short movements, and then everything in my peripheral vision began to swing slightly! I could see my lab notebook moving slightly, and other items around my desk were also “pulsing”. Then my vision cleared and as I read my test card I could clearly make out each letter I was looking at. My vision was clearest as I would look at each letter individually. So I started to read my Snellen, letter by letter, line by line, and made it down to the end of the “3” line before I lost my clear flash!  If I tried to see the whole line the letters lost their clarity, but if I looked at each one individually they were very clear and had a glow around them.

The most amazing thing however is that I have been able to do this at will! I did this a number of times over the course of the day and throughout the evening and was able to visualize the period, feel the swinging, and then clear my small Snellen test card! When visualizing the period I can only visualize parts of it at a time, which seems to be the correct method. In my mind I look around the edge of the period where it is most clear and there is a high contrast between the black and white. I also imagine that it is swinging slightly. When my eyes are open I keep this image in my head as long as possible focusing on the period and I imagine it getting smaller and smaller, as if it were moving away from me. I’m not sure if I completely have the technique down correctly, but I think I’m getting very very close! This, in addition to feeling the swing and seeing the swing has done leaps and bounds for my vision! I’m starting to be able to better understand what these concepts mean and the importance of visualizing and the universal swing for correct vision. Yesterday I felt like I was on such “the verge” that I actually thought my vision was going to clear permanently! Alas, that didn’t happen, but it was the longest, and clearest vision I’ve experienced thus far.  And now I’m more convinced than ever that this method is going to work!!!

I have continued to work on my autogenics and am now on the “both arm” warming phase. I have also been taking daily walks between 15 and 25 minutes outside, WOG. Everyday I am doing palming and swinging as well. I have been doing 100 long swings in the morning after waking and 100 swings before going to bed. I have not been doing the morning routine as I’ve been trying to get to work before 8am and I have been too tired to get up in time to do the full morning routine in a relaxed manner. I’m hoping that next week I will be able to get back to this. Instead I have been doing each component throughout the day as I find time and it’s been much more relaxing for me.

I won’t be able to post for Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I will be continuing my practice. On Sunday night or Monday I will post my experiences for these days!


6 Responses to “February 7, 2008”

  1. vidi Says:

    My congratulations go to you! 🙂

    I have experienced that pulsating sensation too, but only once. It happened when I acquired what seemed to be telescopic vision for like 20 seconds.

    The world clearly had a pulsating and slowly swaying movement to it, and all distances up close and afar could be seen clearly to the tiniest detail. In fact, I was able to see three plumes of jet exhaust emitted by a plane about 10-20 miles away, very distinctly, to see the bright and dark parts of it by shifting from part to part; and of all things, I could even see the small windows of the plane. I could never see the windows themselves at 5-10 miles but that time my vision had improved so greatly that I was able to see the windows even when the plane was tiny as it hovered in the sky at a further distance. Nevertheless, for lack of having a Snellen chart readily at hand, there was simply no way to measure it.

    Another curious phenomenon happened at the same time. I experienced an overwhelming / overpowering sensation, as if my head had been flooded with energy, when I saw the pulsating. I am wondering, did you experience this too?

    It was difficult to understand until I thought about what Dr. Bates had said about imagining perfectly the period (or part of it) and instant elimination of fatigue and pain in all parts of the body. It seems to me that the fatigue can be eliminated so utterly and completely in such a way that a large amount of energy enters not only the head but the entire body. I have experienced this about three times in total, every time when the largest jumps in vision took place. Thus, I could see how pain and fatigue could easily be masked, after experiencing such a sensation.

    It sounds very “out there,” something beyond most people’s comprehension, but there it was.

    Yes, you can imagine the period getting smaller and smaller while your eyes are open. Imagine it moving at an arc, like going up then down (like a cannonball), or going right then left (like a boomerang), as you imagine it getting smaller and moving away from you (eyes open). This allows the period to keep swinging slightly. I did this; it was surprisingly efficient!

    Regarding halos:

    1. The halos might be called the connecting link between imagination and sight. (p. 337 – BEM)
    2. One can improve the vision for reading not by looking at the letters, but by improving the imagination of the halos. (p. 337 – BEM)
    3. By practice one becomes able to imagine or see the halos more perfectly–the better the imagination, the better the sight. (p. 337 – BEM)

    Somewhere in his writings Dr. Bates mentioned that when the halos can be seen it is easy to get normal sight simply by repetitively improving the imagination of the halos. As mentioned, he calls it the connecting link between imagination and sight so there is a very delicate line between the two – and this should be a really big clue. The halos give you direct access to the imagination-sight link so by improving the halos one can improve sight very fast.

  2. Wow, you’re lucky! I’m myopic and never had much luck with the shifting and swinging technique, or remembering a full stop, in everyday life, although occasionally I could read down to the 5 line on the test chart after a lot of swinging, but it tired me out. Palming is the best way for me to improve my vision, although never longer for half a minute or so. You seem to have mastered the technique though, and kudos to you! I wish I could do it!

  3. sassisailor Says:


    When I did feel the pulsing, much of the sensation was in my head. It was throughout my body but my head did feel very “full” or something. It’s hard to describe. This may be equivalent to your experience of the energy rush. How interesting! Next time I feel this I will pay more attention to it and try to describe it more accurately.

    Wow! I’m very impressed with your vision! I can only hope that someday I will be able to advance beyond “normal” vision 🙂

    Great points about the halos. This is something I have been working on today is seeing halos around the letters. I will have to read more about this and incorporate it everytime into my Snellen reading!

  4. sassisailor Says:

    Silver Arrows,

    Thanks! It was quite an experience and realization of what Bates means about the universal swing. I think if the swinging starts to make you feel tired you could try palming. My sister made a good point about each Bates technique- if they ever become tiresome or irritating then you should stop doing them because then it is defeating the purpose of relaxation.

    I also had a REALLY hard time with swinging at first. What helped was a part in Margaret Corbett’s book “Help Yourself to Better Sight” that states you should count out loud while doing the long swing and do 100 swings upon getting up in the morning and 100 swings before bed. I do them throughout the day as well (counting to 100 each time). I have found that the counting helps to keep my attention (I don’t get bored), and then I have a goal, so I know when I will stop swinging. I’m going to post more about my swinging experience, it may or may not help, but I definitely feel your pain. I used to hate swinging.

  5. vidi Says:

    I made a mistake in my previous comment. I did feel the pulsating sensation all three times I had the energy which flooded my head and body. The other two times were not as strong as the time I had the telescopic vision.

    That is probably why you did not take too much notice of it this time – because it was not that strong. Every time I had the pulsating sensation was while outdoors after about 30-40 minutes of palming and sunning for 5 minutes alternately.

    Dr. Bates does not write about this kind of energy I have brought up, and no one else to my knowledge has ever mentioned it. It does make sense out of why a perfect memory of the period can instantly relieve fatigue and make the nerves seemingly immune to pain coming from any physical sensation, including temperature extremes (p. 202-203 of PSWG).

    At first glance, it is easy for others to dismiss this as a piece of superstition since no one they know has ever experienced this. However, because I have experienced this complete alleviation of fatigue, accommodated with a feeling throughout the body (and head) of energy in an euphoria-like state, I can now confirm that Dr. Bates was dead-on about the observation of instant relief of fatigue, and most likely everything else included. – as unbelievable as it sounds. To understand why this sensation may be strong enough to mask any fatigue or pain, it may be necessary to experience a strong enough sensation first then you will suddenly understand what it is like. This is much better than the “fight or flight” state because it does not lead to terminal exhaustion afterwards and I believe the body itself has a lower heartbeat, et cetera, since this euphoria-like sensation is achieved in a perfectly relaxed state.

    Furthermore, you are the first person I mentioned the energy sensation to, and interestingly, it turned out you experienced the same thing. How often do you feel this sensation? Only when you feel the pulsating? (you may be able to see the pulsating later on as well – read the following quote)

    “When the eye with normal vision regards a letter either at the near-point or at the distance, the letter may appear to pulsate, or to move in various directions, from side to side, up and down, or obliquely.” (Shifting and Swinging – p. 159 – PSWG)

    And that is how I saw the world outside too at the moment I experienced a possible telescopic vision; pulsating and slow swaying of objects. It is all very interesting, don’t you think?

  6. sassisailor Says:

    I’m fascinated with this pulsing business. So, I have tried (probably why it hasn’t been successful) again to get back this strong energy sensation while seeing the pulsing and have been unsuccessful. So far I have only felt the rush of energy when I had a very strong sense of the pulsing. Since I felt that strong sensation, I have been able to see slight swaying of objects, but it is nowhere near as strong as the first experience. During those times, I would feel a slight pulsing within myself, but again, not as strong. I’m wondering if the strength of the pulsing is directly related to the onset of the energy sensation and like you said the relief of all fatigue. I think you’re on to something. Unfortunately I don’t think I can bring back the pulsing sensation as strong as before, I’ll just have to continue my practice and let it come back naturally. When it does though I will post again in more detail about the feelings I have at that time. So far though, I’ve just had the one strong experience…

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