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February 27, 2008 February 28, 2008

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Today I finished my both arm and leg warming autogenics!  It’s moving along and now that I’m finished with the warming phase I feel like I’m on my way to seeing the final stages of autogenics.  I continue to prefer the sways to the long swings and have been practicing my shifting.  I have found that the Snellen card is the best tool to use for practicing small shifts indoors.  Outside there are almost an infinite number of distant small objects to practice shifting on but in the house everything is so near that the shifts are typically much larger in distance.  If I stand ten feet from my Snellen card I can practice shifting between the small letters.   I cannot see them clearly, but I know they’re there.  The fun part is that while I’m practicing the shifting and blinking my Snellen card clears up and I’m able to read down to the fourth line!  I’m not sure if I can count this as a permanent improvement yet because I must “clear” my vision in order to see this well.  I am able to do it every time, but I must relax in front of the Snellen card at ten feet before I can see this well.  My reasoning has led me to only count the letters I can see without “effort” when I first step in front of the card.  I’m sure that soon I’ll be able to see them more clearly without having to relax so much in front of the card.   I’m learning how to do this throughout the day and as I start to improve my memory about the details around me it becomes much easier.

The other technique I’ve found that works incredibly well for clearing up my vision is “swinging” my eyes between blinks.  It has a nice, natural rhythm to it, it relaxes my eyes, and it results in clearer vision. 

I have been practicing the improvement of my memory as well.  Throughout the day I choose to look at every part of the objects around me, close my eyes, and then remember what I just saw.  I know have a “catalog” of images I’ve seen over the past week.  I can remember all of the details well and I think this has been imperative for my improvement!  I have also memorized my Snellen card and can “read” it in my memory.   With my eyes closed I practice looking at one part of each letter best for the larger letters, and as I move down the card I continue to remember each part of the letter perfectly; each rounded edge, each flat detail at the corners, etc.  Remembering the Snellen card letters perfectly has helped tremendously because as I read the card, if a letter looks a little blurry I just recall what it is supposed to look like and it clears up!  I read about this in the Bates magazines and it really does work! I’m still only working on the upper half of the card, but tomorrow I’m going to work on my memory of the lower part of the test card.

 Today I also did some sunning outside while swinging.  It was a warmer day and it felt really nice to enjoy the sun, feel the warmth on my face, and hear all of the birds chirping!  I hadn’t realized how many birds had moved in until I closed my eyes and just did some swinging outside.  After doing the closed-eye sunning and swinging I was able to see each blade of grass very clearly. 


Laughter February 26, 2008

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Laughter really is the best medicine.  I frequently watch TV without my glasses because I tend to stare if I’m wearing them.  Lately I’ve been watching Seinfeld episodes (from Netflix, no commercials yay!) and it of course makes me laugh almost constantly.  Everytime I laugh really hard I have clearer vision afterward.  Lately it’s been persisting through the whole episode and even a while after the episode is over!  My vision clears up such that I see better after laughing than I do when wearing my -5 D reduced glasses!  It’s a much brighter and sharper vision than I’ve ever had with any power of glasses. 

So I’ve learned how to obtain perfect vision, I just need to laugh hard all day! 🙂  Just kidding- but I think that laughing is really relaxing and its importance and helpfulness should not be underestimated.  


February 25, 2008 February 25, 2008

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Today I started my “both arms and legs” warming session.   A friend of mine mentioned that he had good success with visualizing small letters/objects on the order of a thousandth of an inch.  This intrigued me, so today when I was in between autogenics phrases I would visualize the smallest black period that I could.  Doing this brought upon a huge wave of relaxation and a blacker background.  This showed me that I’m not in fact seeing perfect black as I had thought (but I’m really close I think!), and that visualizing this small object brought upon an immediate deeply relaxing state.  It usually takes me at least ten minutes to achieve the level of relaxation I felt from just an instant of visualizing this small period.  The wonderful thing was that I was able to maintain my level of relaxation despite not continuing to visualize the small period.  I continued with my autogenics and would occassionally re-visualize the small period. 

I continue to have better progress with relaxation when I sway as opposed to doing the long swings.  I will start out by doing the long swings and then feel a strong urge to just slightly sway.  I enjoy seeing the smaller movements now as opposed to the larger movements seen during the long swing.  When I sway in front of my Snellen test card I really like being able to see the letters swing back and forth.   Perhaps this is a natural progression with the swing/sway techniques. 

Today I also started doing something new; experimenting with shifting.  I have been shifting and sketching for over a month now but with much larger movements.  Today I decided to start shifting my eyes with very small movements (I don’t even know why, it just occurred to me on the way to school).  What I found is that at first it was almost impossible!  My eyes had a very hard time moving very small distances, almost like moving a leg that has fallen asleep.  I worked on it all day though, just little by little.  While outside I would look at the horizon and choose two distinct small objects that were close together and just shift my view from one to the next.  This was difficult, so I chose two objects closer to me and shifted back and forth.  Then I would progressively look further away and look at objects that were closer together.  This method worked really well and by tonight I could tell that my eyes had “loosened up” and I have been able to shift my view between two very small points with relative ease.  Moving my eyes in this way feels very unnatural to me, not because it is unnatural, but because I think it has been over twenty years since I’ve done it!  Considering the way I used to view the world with my glasses (diffusing), it makes sense that I rarely moved my eyes around very much.  I’m going to try very hard to make this a new visual habit.  It’s something I should have done a long time ago but I never realized that moving my eyes over long distances was so different from shifting between two very small points.


February 24, 2008 February 24, 2008

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I continue to maintain my 20/200 vision!  Today the second line at 20 feet was coming in and out of focus as well.  I’m not posting this as progress yet until I can read it consistently without losing clarity.


February 23-24, 2008

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This weekend I have been getting outside a lot and working on my swings and autogenics.  Unfortunately I’ve been so sleepy I have to do many sessions of autogenics just to complete one without falling asleep!  I’m not sure why I’ve been so tired this weekend.

The only update I really have is that I have been able to partially clear my vision much faster just by blinking!  Today I was working on my Snellen chart from 20 feet and was able to read down to the fourth line for a little while!  When I am able to get these partial clearings however the letters are not very black compared to the letters I see very well all the time.  I am still reading my Snellen regularly at 20/200 and the big C is very black.  But when I clear the chart and can read down to the fourth line the letters are a very light gray.   I can’t explain why this is.  The big C is also light gray during this time.  After I lose the partial clearing the big C returns to its dark blackness.   It is not a clear flash that I am experiencing during this time because I only have limited improvement.  What’s interesting is that I can only clear the lines that I know really well.  I have worked on my chart so much that I can visualize these first four lines VERY well.  I imagine this is important because I am much more comfortable with reading the first four lines, so my eyes must be more relaxed for these.  This week I’m going to do some closer practice so that I become more familiar with the rest of my chart.  Throughout the day I close my eyes and visualize reading my Snellen card (the first four lines anyway).  I think if I start to do this with the whole thing it will help improve my clearing to further lines.   Does anyone have any suggestions for why the letters appear such a different color when I have a partial clearing?


February 22, 2008 February 23, 2008

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Today I finished my ‘both leg’ warming sessions of autogenics.  It’s been taking me longer than the recommended three days per set because somedays I haven’t been getting in at least two repetitions.  It seems I find myself getting busier and busier with each day and if I don’t do an autogenics session at lunch-time I usually don’t get two in for the day.  I need to start doing one upon waking so that I always have one done before the day starts!  I also have not been diligent about my long swings.  This post is not meant to be discouraging at all, but I think it’s important to emphasize how difficult it can be to start new habits!  My autogenics has become a habit, there has only been one day I think in the last month that I haven’t done at least one autogenics session.  I imagine it will just take a few more weeks for the long swings to become a habit.  I can tell that my blinking rate has gone up and I don’t really have to think about blinking more.  The only time I find myself not blinking is occassionally in front of the television.  If I’m zoning out while watching and not really paying attention, or there is something exciting going on then I will tend to tense up and fix my eyes.  This will probably continue to improve.  My breathing has also become better on average.  The autogenics has really been beneficial for improving my deep slower breathing.  My posture has benefited as a result.  It’s impossible to breath well while slouching!  Twice this week I have felt the familiar twinge of knots forming in my back/neck/shoulder area and it has not resulted in a headache, so I consider this very valuable success!

Also, today I did an upper body weight training workout and went for a nice leisurely walk outside WOG for about 20 minutes.  It was a beautiful evening and I could smell spring in the air.  There is getting to be more moisture in the air, evident by the smell of wet soil.  I’m getting very excited to plant my garden in a few months.  I have been getting cabin fever very badly and am hoping the weather will hold so that we can head up to the lake to go ice fishing this weekend.  There is nothing like fresh trout from the high mountain lakes! 

Before going to bed I looked outside at the moon because it was so bright and I noticed a VERY strange thing.  I was able to see a clear image of the moon (without my glasses on!) but the blurry huge spot of the moon was still present!  I found this to be very perplexing.  So somehow I was seeing both what I could see with corrected vision and what I would see with uncorrected vision- I’m actually not sure how this is possible, but it was encouraging non-the-less considering how far away the moon is!  It is unbelieveable to think that I could be able to the see the moon without glasses. 

I’ve maintained my 20/200 sight, my eye chart is located in a high traffic area so it’s easy to check frequently throughout the day.  I will only update my Snellen chart postings when they vary from the last specific post.  I also need to update my line graph as I have now reached my goal of 20/200 and maintained it for quite a while!


Feb 19-20, 2008 February 21, 2008

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I haven’t posted about my vision because I had postponed my liver detox from last week and ended up doing it Tuesday and Wednesday.  The good news is that my detox was successful and I eliminated at least 20-30 liver stones.  As a result I haven’t been doing any eye stuff these past few days.  Surprisingly however, when I woke up this morning (Thursday, Feb 21) I could still see 20/200, this time in dim light!  I can tell however that I need to get back to my relaxation techniques because I am feeling some eyestrain.

Tuesday I played a vigorous game of racquetball which was fun.  I really enjoy this and my partner and I will be starting to play weekly again.  Also, late Wednesday afternoon I was able to spend about an hour in the yard doing some work.  It felt so great to be out in the fresh air.  I didn’t wear my glasses during this time and I can tell that my vision always improves a little bit when I’m outside having fun without my glasses.

Even though I haven’t been doing my swings and test card practice these days I have continued to work on my autogenics training.

I found out something interesting from my sister-in-law.  There is actually a Bates teacher here in the city where I live!  They actually work at the eye doctor’s office where I had been going for so many years.  How frustrating!!!  If only I had known about this method three years ago perhaps my vision would already  be completely corrected.  Not surprisingly my eye doctor never told me about these vision therapists that they have at his office.  He just gave me an overcorrected pair of glasses and contact lenses and sent me on my way.  Unfortunately I think they charge about $100/hour which is just way too expensive considering the amount of time I would need to spend with them.  It’s too bad that it is so expensive.  If it were more well advertised these doctors/teachers could make it much more affordable for more frequent, even daily help, if they would just see multiple patients/clients at a time.  I would be more than happy to go to an office and be in a room with like 10 other people.  It would just be nice to have some guidance and structure to doing the test card practice and swings.  It would also be nice to interact with other people on a daily basis who are also doing the Bates Method.  I wish so much that William and Emily Bates were still alive and still had their clinic.  If they did I would take a few months leave from work and move to wherever they were and just spend everyday with them!  I’m hoping that after I have successfully corrected my vision I can start at least a part-time consulting practice with reasonable prices to help many people with their vision.  If it were economical I think more people would do it, but at $100/hour it’s unreasonable to spend any more than one or two hours a month with these people… if that for some!  You can buy a lot of groceries for $200. The Bates Method requires daily practice and while it’s possible to do this by oneself at home I think everyone would see better and faster results with an experienced and knowledgeable Bates practitioner, especially with daily visits.