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January 30, 2008 January 31, 2008

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Today was a super busy day for me and I didn’t do very much Bates practice (some sporadic swaying).  I only completed one and a half warming sessions on my right arm, so it won’t count as one of my days.  I was so tired I fell asleep during the second session.  I shouldn’t let my work consume my whole day, but with this looming Feb 1 deadline I’m going to have to push through and try to get my work done- even at the cost of losing a little ground with my eyes.    It’s sad, but unfortunately I must do well on my qualifier exams or I will not pass!!!

Exercise: Today I did 5 Sun Salutations A and I walked on my treadmill for 25 minutes using a hill climb workout.  I had been sitting most of the day and I had a strong urge to move my legs and stretch my body.  There is nothing quite like yoga to stretch me out and increase my oxygen intake.  The treadmill is one of the best investments I’ve made (spent around $600) because when the wind blows here it is miserable to be walking/running outside.  Having the treadmill means that I can ‘take a walk’ or ‘go for a run’ even when it’s -10 deg F outside with wind chill factor.  My husband and I decided last year that using our money to buy exercise equipment was a good investment because improving our health will save us a lot of money in the future.  Plus we feel so much better when we exercise regularly!

I read my Snellen card today and I was reading at 8/200.  This was really discouraging for me because I had maintained my 10/200 reading for so long.  I am confident I can work back to the 10/200 in little time.  Nonetheless, I was discouraged.  I read however that ups and downs in progress are to be expected so I’m not letting this get me down.
I learned a valuable lesson today.  My autogenics training and Bates methods do help me focus better while I’m at work.  I worked many hours today but I didn’t feel as productive as normal.  Making time for my relaxation throughout the day and before meals helps to focus my mind which benefits me at work as well as in my personal life.  As a result I’m going to make a better effort at getting in my practices regardless of how much work I have to do.  The autogenics is the most beneficial of any of my practices at this time.  I think it’s the best for me right now because I can achieve a deep level of relaxation within a short period of time.  This relaxed feeling lasts for hours and when I’m doing it regularly I look forward to my next session.  I highly recommend this practice for anyone, it’s a wonderful technique and has a myriad of uses!


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