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January 29, 2008 January 30, 2008

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I forgot to put in my post for Monday the 28th that I did 25 minutes on the treadmill and 5 Sun Salutations A.

I completed 2 right arm warming A.T. sessions today.  I did a prolonged relaxation after the sessions and began to feel like I do after I’ve been meditating for at least 15 minutes- it’s a strange state where I feel very connected to my body and I lose a sense of where my limbs are.  My eyes were once again very relaxed after these sessions.  I then did the swaying/swinging from morning routine.  I am thinking of using my spring break time to spend the whole week doing these relaxation techniques (the A.T., palming, eyebag over my eyes, swinging, and test card reading) to try and see what this does to my vision if I concentrate my relaxation and do it for hours every day.

The natural vision teacher I contacted gave me an inspirational article from one of the better eyesight magazines (BEM). This guy spent two weeks with the Bates’, six hours per day and saw significant improvement in this time.  This is the link for the article:

I can see the value in this because currently my eyes are experiencing bits of relaxation intermixed with strain.  I must wear my reduced glasses at work otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done.  I can leave them off for reading, but at the very least I am wearing negative lenses anywhere from six-ten hours per day… which is unacceptable in my mind for seeing lasting progress in my vision.  Today I was better about not staring at my computer screen but I’m still not swinging consistently.  I use swing windows (see the central-fixation website) to swing the screens that I can, but I’m currently using a program that is not compatible with swing windows, so the window I work in the most remains stationary.   I’m setting up my calendar to remind me every 20  minutes to take a break, look around get up and stretch so I think this will help.

I think I’m going to order a pair of -6 D OD glasses.  My -7 D are too strong but my -5reduced are slightly weak when I have my computer monitor pushed way back.  I still haven’t made a decision about the trial lens kit vs. the focometer.  I’m leaning toward the trial lens kit however.