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January 28, 2008 January 28, 2008

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Yesterday I didn’t make a post so I’ll combine it with today’s (I didn’t do much anyway).  Yesterday I finished the heaviness phase of my A.T.!  This was an exciting milestone and I didn’t realize how exciting it would be.  I still have a ways to go on my training but today I started the warming phase.  I did two sessions of the warming phase so far today and plan to do another before bed.  The autogenics training for me is best when I lay flat on my back so after I finish it I keep laying still (with my eyebag still over my eyes) and I work on relaxing my eyes just like you’re supposed to in palming.  Laying down with the eyebag is much more comfortable for me than palming and my Snellen test card was slightly clearer afterward.  When I’m laying down with my eyebag over my eyes I focus on happy memories and happy objects.  I took my sister’s advice and have been visualizing a chocolate brown horse and it is the most relaxing image I have used so far.  For some reason this image is very relaxing for both of us.  This is kind of funny as I am not a rider, I do love horses, but we never had them growing up.  When I’m visualizing though I can feel the texture of the hair, especially on the cheek, and the smell comes back to me very strong.  I’m curious if anyone else has this experience or if it’s just me and my sister!  I tried to visualize a flower that I knew well (as suggested by Emily Bates in a magazine article) but this was more straining for me so I moved on to something else. 

 I have also been doing the swaying and swinging after my modified ‘palming’.  I much prefer the long swing to the sway, but I try to sway if I’m just standing around other people or if I’m cooking.  It helps me to keep moving and is quite relaxing.  I’ve also found that the long swing, when done for quite a while, really works my quad muscles!  I consider myself to be in very good shape and I was surprised that such a simple movement could cause fatigue!

As far as computer work goes, I’m still having problems not staring for long periods of time.  I put up a sticky note on my computer that says S, B, and B but I find that I stare so bad that I never look at it!  I’m trying to devise a new method for reminding myself to not stare.  I’m thinking about programming my watch to go off every few minutes or something, or have my Google calendar pop up a reminder on my screen.  Does anyone have any suggestions for this?  I think my problem is that when I get really focused on my work I just stare intently at what I’m typing or reading.  Maybe I need to just start swaying in my chair….

 I heard back from a Natural Vision Instructor in my area and I’m going to an Intro Workshop this Saturday! I’m really excited and looking forward to having a teacher to help me through this process. 

The other news is that I’m considering buying either a focometer or a trial lens kit in order to monitor my own refractive error.  Both of these are pricey enough that I’m still thinking about it, but if anyone has any experience regarding either of these methods, or an alternative I would be very appreciative to hear your opinion!


5 Responses to “January 28, 2008”

  1. sorrisi Says:

    hi sister! I’m really excited that you found a workshop so soon, I hope the weather works out this weekend.

    I have a S B B post it note on my computer, too!! I was really laughing that there are so many examples of things that we both do coincidentally EXACTLY the same even though we are an ocean apart. has a swaying internet browser for free, and I think he might sell more software that might help your staring. Ask the university computing services or disability or safety area for computer software that will lock your computer screen every 5 or 20 minutes for 30 seconds, forcing a break! They offer that here along with other services to ensure correct posture while working on a computer. Maybe I should get that!

    Another suggestion that I do that I think works well – drink lots of water. The break to drink the water, and then having to pee every 30 -60 minutes works better than anything else to get you moving 🙂

    ok, so I did that before I started this anyway, but I think it helps a lot!

  2. vidi Says:

    Here’s what you can do to help prevent staring at the computer screen.

    1) Look away from the computer while you are typing (if you’re a really good typist!)

    2) Practice light and easy blinking with rhythm, while breathing deeply and easily. Do this everywhere you go, especially when you go for routine walks outdoors. After a week of doing this daily, you will notice that much muscle tension has been let go of and your eyes will begin to blink somewhat unconsciously. I was able to achieve such lightness in blinking that I could barely notice when I was taking a blink – and the field of vision seemed constant; suddenly, I understood what Dr. Bates meant when he said the normal eye often blinks without the person realizing it. Barely noticing yourself taking a blink makes it easier to do unconsciously at all times, even in front of a computer screen.

    Regarding a focometer or trial lens kit, I have no idea but it sounds like fun! I laughed at Sorrisi’s suggestion on drinking a lot of water. Decent idea! Bodybuilders tend to drink lots of water (more than 1-1/2 gallons/day) because it increases metabolism and burns fat; all cells in the body depend on water for maximum performance! The benefits are much more than we might think. We’ve all heard that 8-12 cups of water per day is recommended for the average person; yet the average person does not exercise very much. More water is required for an athlete. But be careful not to drink way too much water at once – it can result in water intoxication and electrolyte and salt imbalance, as well as water entering the lungs. Drinking a lot of water stretched through long periods is OK, as long as you do not drink all the water too fast. I experienced water intoxication once. It made felt drowsy and a little buzzed the way alcohol makes me feel. The good news: the kidneys of a healthy adult can process fifteen liters of water a day.

    Hmm… coincidences… maybe it has something to do with how great minds think alike — there must be some truth to this statement. Ha! Ha!

  3. sassisailor Says:

    I will try to be better about not looking at the computer screen when I type. I am a pretty decent typist, it’s just a habit for me to stare at the words I’m typing… so many bad habits!!! Now that you’ve mentioned it though I will be more conscious.

    Good suggestion with the blinking. I was doing better with blinking rate over a week ago and then as I’ve gotten busier I’ve stopped paying attention to it as much.

    I laughed at my sister’s comment too, she’s pretty funny. I do drink a good amount of water. I’m glad you mentioned this about drinking too much water. I have known people who experienced this and it is dangerous. I drink tea as well, but I still try to get the recommended amount of just pure, filtered water. The body actually treats tea like a food since it is not pure water! I just learned this a few weeks ago.

  4. sorrisi Says:

    aha, that’s why I’m so skinny! I didn’t know that it actually burned fat, seems weird. I usually drink on average 2.5 liters a day so it’s not excessive, but maybe that explains my metabolism being so high. I’m always amazed that no one else in my lab seems to drink water. Ever.

  5. vidi Says:

    I agree with both of you.

    Yes, drinking too much water can be dangerous, even fatal. But you’d have to be doing something like engaging in a drinking contest… drinking large qualities of water very fast.

    Drinking large but safe qualities of water is a very efficient way to get rid of fat. It has been noted by bodybuilders to remove even the very stubborn visceral fat (packed in between internal organs), such as the visecral fat that is cushioned around the abdominal region. Thinking about having six-pack abs? Eat lots of fiber (starting gradually). Eat the right foods… foods which do not have trans fat (don’t always trust brands that claim to have no trans fat – look at the ingredients), avoid hydrogenated oils, and so on. Exercise regularly. But be sure to drink plenty of water!

    If urine is ever a yellowish color, that indicates dehydration. You need to drink more water. I always carry a water bottle with me even when I’m walking or running. It is a good habit because you need to replenish fluid while you are exercising, not after.

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