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January 19, 2008 January 19, 2008

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It’s been really hard for me to maintain going WOG as much as I was able to last week and I can tell a huge difference. I wish so much that I could just throw my glasses away and recover without them. Unfortunately work and some home activities require that I wear them. The more that I wear my glasses (for required activities), the harder it becomes to take them off and go without. This is the challenge I’m currently dealing with. My glasses from Zenni Optical should be here next week, so I’m hoping a lower prescription will help. My visual progress seems to have plateaued ever since I could read 20/20 with my once lowest prescription glasses. I imagine that every time I put these glasses on it cancels out any relaxation I had gained for my eyes. If I wasn’t trying to finish up my qualifiers and research proposal for my degree I would just talk to my advisor about taking a few months off!

So far today I’ve completed:

  • 2 left leg heaviness A.T. sessions
  • 25 minute walk WOG (by myself!)
  • working on recognizing apparent motion
    • reading a page clearly and noticing the point I see best and the opposite movement of the words with respect to my shifting direction; then moving the page to a blurry position and trying to see the apparent motion in the blurry words while remembering what it’s like to see one letter best.

Today I got some outdoor time which was wonderful! Perhaps I can start doing some reading outside or something to get even more outdoor time.

If I do any other activities today I’ll update this post tomorrow. Have a good night!


January 18, 2008

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  • 3 right leg heaviness A.T. sessions (fell asleep during the last one)
  • 15 minutes meditation

‘vidi’ gave me some advice about walking around barefoot to help with my posture. I did this today for almost four hours and it did help quite a bit! (thanks vidi!). I’ve been trying to pay better attention to my posture but it’s hard when there are so many things I must do during the day. To help with this I posted pictures around my house of a woman with good posture and it helps bring my attention back to my posture. I find most of the time when I see the picture my posture has degraded a little bit. Hopefully over time it will become more subconscious.

At work today my eyestrain was very noticeable and painful; it would give me headaches if I didn’t relieve the eyestrain. It has only happened to me when I am wearing my glasses. I’m becoming much more aware of what the eyestrain feels like and if I palm right away it will go away. If I don’t relax my eyes however it gives me a headache. Thanks to ‘cheerio’ for her advice about how to use palming as a relaxation method for my eyes, rather than as an exercise. I have been doing this when I begin to feel eyestrain and it works quite well! If I let the eyestrain progress to a headache the palming relieves the headache as well! So this was very positive news today as I didn’t have a persistent headache today (I think the first full day I’ve felt well all week!).

I didn’t get very much physical activity this week, other than my short walk to work back and forth from the car (terrible I know!).  I’m going to work on this over the weekend and next week.  I need to find good times to workout so that I do it at least five days a week.  Everyday would be good!