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January 15, 2008 January 15, 2008

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Note: Today I had a terrible headache so I refrained from any physical activity…


  • 3 “both arm” heaviness A.T. sessions
  • 20 minute meditation
  • pretty much went the whole day except maybe an hour WOG
  • Am now on Chapter 15 in “Relearning to See”. This is a phenomenal book and includes a lot of direct references to Dr. Bates’ book and his magazines. What I like about his style is that he quotes directly from Bates and then gives his own personal experience and then some dialogue to present day application/problems/theories etc.

I’ve begun serious work on learning to centralize. T. R. Quackenbush’s nose-feather and nose-brush techniques have been very useful for me to learn how to centralize. It in part has been hard because WOG my vision is only clear very close to my face. But using his methods for practicing centralization have helped me to apply this proper visual habit to things that are blurry.

So my poor husband has learned of a disadvantage of having me doing things around the house WOG… We have a six-plex converter on one of the outlets in our kitchen. So there are six plug receptacles, as a result some are horizontally next to each other. Last night I plugged one prong of the bread machine plug into one side of one set and the other prong into the neighboring side of the others set! Oops… I guess if this is the worst I’ve done in a week of not wearing my glasses at home I’m doing pretty well. That or we just haven’t found the other surprises yet 🙂


January 14, 2008

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This post was written a day late because I had a terrible headache yesterday and today (Tuesday, Jan15).
  • 3 both arm heaviness A.T. sessions
  • 25 minute walk WOG
  • Wore my glasses (almost constantly) from 9:30am to 12:30pm
  • Mostly without glasses the rest of the day
  • 30 minute hot bath
Today my vision felt *improved* almost all day! *Improved* is of course a relative term considering my degree of myopia, but I can now tell when it is a little better than it was before (WOG of course). The only problem is now I love being WOG so much that it’s hard for me to get work done because I hate wearing my glasses at work! Agh- so I’m not getting much done because I take frequent breaks to rest my eyes. Tomorrow I have a lot of reading to do, which I can do WOG, so that should be better.
I had really bad dreams last night and didn’t sleep well at all- I woke up with a headache that turned out to be pretty bad by the end of the day. I could tell I was holding a lot of tension in my shoulders and it was really hard to relax. I was relaxing to try and get rid of my headache but it didn’t work, and neither did ibuprofen 😦 But it feels better now, so I will be able to get back to my normal routine and postings 🙂