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January 13, 2008 January 13, 2008

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I took a reading this morning because my vision felt so good! Turns out it has improved since my last reading! However, I’ve kept in mind that there was sunshine and it was earlier in the day, but it just “felt” better than two days ago.

WOG at 9am

  • I could read the 3.5″ letter at 64 inches! This is an improvement of 22 inches!

At my previous 42″ mark I tested what I could read and I could read the letters that were 1 7/8″ in height!

I didn’t try testing how it has improved with my glasses on because I don’t care and I didn’t want to put them on before I needed them. I think from now on I’ll just read without glasses (WOG) only.


January 12, 2008

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Today I took a rest from my yoga and exercise and my eyes actually seemed worse today! So I think everyday I will do a little bit, just to get moving – even if I’m burned out from exercising.

  • I completed 2 “both arm” heaviness A.T. sessions.

I read to the middle of Chapter 9 in “Relearning to See” I’m starting to get into the application of Bates’ ideas and I’ve begun my “moving”. I’m so excited! It was interesting to read all of the information on evidence for accommodation by the oblique muscles. It makes a lot of sense and has given me SO much hope. I’m excited to start meditating on the idea of relaxing the muscles that must be tight sinceI’m nearsighted.