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January 11, 2008 January 12, 2008

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I did these readings at 10pm in incandescent light.

With older pair of glasses (guessing around -7D (right) -6.75D (left))

  • Best line I can read clearly and easily (without squinting!) at 20 feet is the line with 1/2″ letters: this is approximately 20/30 vision. This is encouraging because these are the lenses that I wear when I need to see things so at least they are not overcorrected. I have ordered some even more reduced lenses for up-close work and I’m very anxious to get these.

WOG (without glasses)

  • I must be 42 inches from the Snellen chart to read the letter that is 3.5 inches in height! This isn’t great in my opinion but this is my official reference point for my home evaluation. I’ll see how this improves over time 🙂



January 11, 2008

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Two of my books got here today!!! “Relearning to See” and “Help Yourself to Better Sight”.


  • 3 left arm A.T. sessions (did the last one in bed and fell asleep during)
  • today was the last day of left-arm heaviness A.T. Phase 1
  • 5 Sun Salutations A and 3 Sun Salutations B
    • mid-day practice, much better than the previous morning practices
  • Continuous wearing of glasses from 9:30am – 12:30 pm. Rest of the day only intermittent use
  • Lower body weight lifting workout
  • Read the first four chapters of “Relearning to See” by T.R. Quackenbush
  • Took my first measurements with the Snellen chart! I will post the results of these in a dated format in a category labeled “Snellen Chart Results”

So far I am really enjoying “Relearning to See”. It is a very informative book and I am hoping to make it to the chapters today that give more description about the swaying, sunning, palming, blinking, etc. I looked through these chapter briefly to get an idea of what’s to come and this book looks amazing. Today was a good normal day, but nothing too exciting to report. I was excited to get a Snellen chart up- though I need to find a sunny place to put it. Today was the first day I’ve read a Snellen chart, so this may be an interesting method to test occassionally- though I’m still going to judge my vision with how well I’m seeing in general WOG (without glasses) around normal everyday things and how long I can go without lenses. See my post for Snellen chart readings for more specifics.