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Don’t wear your glasses! January 11, 2008

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I don’t wear my glasses unless I absolutely need to! And as a corollary to this – I try to be comfortable and happy with my blurry vision. I have now become comfortable with my blurry vision because it makes me so happy that I’m not wearing my glasses!

I now treat my glasses more like most people treat reading glasses. I keep them with me in my pocket (terrible for the lenses I know) and only put them on when it’s imperative that I see something.

I think this is relaxing because it reminds me continually of what I’m doing and the thought of eventually not wearing glasses fills me with such joy that it just makes my whole body smile 🙂


January 10, 2008

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  • 3 left arm heaviness A.T. sessions
  • 5 reps of Sun Salutations A
  • 25 minutes running/walking on the treadmill
  • Today I looked for the color white! It was everywhere outside of course because the ground is snow-covered, but it made for an interesting day 🙂
  • Wore my glasses all afternoon (normally I only put them on during the day for VERY short periods when I am cutting with a sharp knife, need to look for something in my house, or am checking out at the supermarket, etc…). So most days I would say I spend more than half the day without them, but today I had to wear them for an extended period.

Also, today I had to wear my glasses (older prescription strength ~ -7D right eye and -6.75D left eye) and it was too bad. I tried to take them off periodically and look outside but I had a lot of computer work to do. I could tell at the end of the day when I looked around my office and out my office window that my vision was more blurry than it had been early that afternoon <bummer>, but I guess this is why I ordered lower strength glasses! I didn’t feel any eye strain through the day, but mentally I wanted my glasses off! So I’m sure the mental strain wasn’t productive.

Some thoughts:

It looks like all of my books have finally shipped. I’ve been reading Dr. Bates’ book online at the website (“Perfect Sight Without Glasses”). It is very interesting and it is so sad to me that this information isn’t wide-spread… but alas so is a lot of good information. I think today I may print out a Snellen chart to tie me over until my book gets here because I’m anxious to get a reading. I wish I had done one when I first started to mark just how terrible my vision was. It’s still pretty bad, but improving!

I’m considering taking one day off a week to relax and focus on reading the Bates material. This probably sounds extreme to many of you- but this whole process is consuming my everyday thoughts anyway. I know that you can’t force relaxation but it would be nice to have a day where I know I’m not going to have to worry about the time and/or can take longer to try more of Bates’ methods.

Starting tomorrow I have decided to postpone my yoga from my normal morning practice to late afternoon. I have been so stiff in the morning that it takes me almost the whole session to warm-up my muscles and by then I need to be getting on to other things. Instead in the mornings I am going to meditate (I follow Zen meditation methods, if you’re interested a good book to get you started is “Zen Training: Methods and Philosophy” by Katsuki Sekida).